Sunday, August 5, 2012

Single Spotlight: JaneFinds

I am so excited to let you in on a fabulous little secret... Jane Finds!

Jane is one of my dear friends who lives in NYC, and is dedicated to finding the most desirable, hard to acquire Hermes bags for her fabulous clients. As you know, I love Hermes and I love Jane's dedication to helping women find and own a true status symbol: The Birkin Bag. 

She's like the Birkin broker! :-)

JaneFinds specializes in authentic Hermes handbags as well as other luxury designers. JaneFinds brokers unique relationships for authentic Hermes Birkin, Hermes Kelly and other designer handbags and accessories. Jane's clientele span the globe and relies on her for all of their luxury requirements.

Jane,  here is to your tireless effort and dedication to pure integrity and to making the dream of owning a piece of magic (aka a Birkin!) a reality. Everyone should own at least one classic Hermes Birkin Bag. As they say, once you've bought just one, it's like chocolate... the addiction begins!
Xo, G


  1. I find there is no better source for Hermes than JaneFinds. This is already well known in NYC, but I was happy to learn that JaneFinds is eager to work with anyone, no matter where they are from. Simply put, she has the most amazing collection of bags ANYWHERE!

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